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Citizenship by Investment

In 1993, Commonwealth of Dominica granted citizenship to investors who made financial contribution to the nation. Holding Dominica nationality can be exempted from overseas global taxation, and passport holders are eligible travel to 130 countries without visa, including UK, EU, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea

CBI Index: Dominica citizenship program
ranked best in the world with score 91% in total

The Dominica passport project was released on August 19, 2019 according to the CBI index. Dominica Citizenship by Investment ranked first in the world with a total score of 91%, leading St. Kitts (89% points, 2nd place), ( Grenada 87% points, 3rd place) (Cyprus 66% points, 7th place), (Malta 65% points, 8th place), (Turkey 61% points, 9th place) "Investment citizenship status" industry is " Constantly changing" rather than "understatement". This is also the result of Dominica's government's persistent commitment to investing in the quality of citizenship, and evaluating the Dominica passport program for the third consecutive year to obtain the best results.

Dominica citizenship + EU residency

coat of arms of greece

Republic of Greece

Greece is officially called the Greek Republic and is one of the oldest ancient houses. Greece's location in the south of Europe, at the strategic intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa, makes Greece an ideal base for investors with global business thinking. Being located in the Mediterranean Sea, Greece has benefited from mild winters and hot, non-humid summers, becoming the cradle of culture.


Greece is the member of European Union, and one of the 26 Schengen countries which abolished their internal borders for the free and unrestricted movement of people.
Greece has been very successful in Golden visa program for years, the government announced alternative investment opportunities for golden visa last year which attracted more foreigners came to Hellenic republic as seeking the better quality of life, education and health care. Dominica citizenship plus Greece residency offers you the most affordable, wisely, and reliable access to Europe and the world.

How to apply

Program features

More secure planning

Commonwealth citizen (Dominica passport) + EU status (Greek financially independent person), with free passage in 8 North American and Eastern Caribbean countries, and free passage in the EU 27 countries, the best configuration for residence, study, network establishment, asset allocation, and retirement . And it has multiple benefits of green card and nationality.

Quality living environment

Greece has the best drinking water quality in the world and the best public health country in Europe. It has a warm Mediterranean climate and is famous for producing olive oil, yogurt, and natural products. But the population is only 11 million. Living in Greece has good weather, water, space, sunshine and health.

International top education

Greece is located in the south of Europe, close to Italy, and the southern part of the Ministry of Law also has beautiful southern European coastlines. It is easy for children to learn French, Italian, and Spanish when they study in Greece. The capital, Athens, has many international schools. The best environment for learning English.

No interviews, no language requirements

The Prime Minister of Dominica announced in October 2014 to amend and improve the relevant legislation, providing applicants with many conveniences: shorter processing time and no English requirement; applicants for Greek financial independence only need to meet specific income conditions and can bring family and children.

Give the next generation more confidence

Both Greece and China are the birthplaces of great human civilizations. The cultures of the two countries have greatly influenced mankind. Their descendants have spread all over the world. The Greeks are polite, friendly and respectful to the Chinese. It is easy to see Chinese in Greece. Befriend the Greeks, play, go to school, and get along with the kids.

140 countries are visa-free; 162 countries can join the visa-on-land network

Visa-free visits to 140 countries, such as the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries, and visa-free Schengen countries, make world-wide travel more convenient (such as B1/B2).

Easier identity planning and visa issuance

Greece has the U.S. Embassy, Japanese Embassy, Chinese Embassy, Dominica, and diplomatic units from many countries. After having the right of residence in Greece, you can directly apply for a visa locally.

Zero global taxation

Dominica does not levy income tax, real estate tax, capital gains, gift tax on overseas citizens, and inheritance of property does not require tax

A future with more opportunities

You can apply for permanent residency in Greece for five years and you can travel to and from Schengen countries more freely; after seven years, you can apply for a Greek passport after passing the naturalization test, which is exempt from visas to more than 170 countries around the world. Greece and the United States sign E1/E2 and visa exemptions (Better than Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport). Long-term settlement in Greece is also easier to develop in big countries such as Britain, France, Germany, etc. We can also arrange legal work rights.

"Best value for money" in history

Life + easy travel

Passport holders enjoy the benefits of visa-free, visa-on-arrival, electronic visa, or online visa submission (Canada and US visas are available)

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Dominica's citizenship by investment program (officially authorized agency), we also provide consultation on citizenship by investment programs for citizens of other Caribbean countries.

Project comparison


  • passport
  • Must log in first
  • Move to the European Union
  • EU right to work
  • Get your passport in one and a half years
  • High rate of refusal
  • Cost within 7 million RMB
  • Obtain an EU passport directly
  • Donation of at least 650,000 euros, high rate of refusal


  • passport
  • Must log in first
  • Move to the European Union
  • EU right to work
  • Get a passport in about two years
  • Strict funding review
  • Cost 20 million RMB
  • Obtain an EU passport directly
  • High total cost and long waiting time

Advanced Citizenship by Investment

  • Passport + green card
  • Get a passport first without landing
  • Move to the European Union
  • Can apply for EU work rights
  • Get your passport in three months and move to Europe fastest
  • Low visa rejection rate
  • Cost within 2 million RMB
  • Low application risk, easy approval, and the most cost-effective
  • You can get citizenship in Greece after seven years

Documents required

Professional handling agency

Arrange the applicant/family to complete the naturalization application at a professional institution

Application conditions

1. Good conduct and no criminal record
2. Provide clear proof of source of funds
3. No visa rejected in the EU, visa rejected in the UK, not included in the EU signature rejection list
4. Not infected with venereal diseases, infectious diseases affecting public health, or other international warning diseases

Not just a passport or an identity

It's a life that you can control, be sustainable, safe, and have a future.

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