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  • Online appointment->Consultation->Contract sign->Submit materials->Approved->Passport collection,See here for detailed instructions (opens new page)
  • The high-end consultation and VIP consultation time are as follows:
    • High-end consulting20 minutes, can be extended to 30 minutes
    • VIP consultation30 minutes, can be extended to 40 minutes
  • You canVISA, MasterCard, American Expressget onCredit card payment
  • Alipay, WeChat Pay, Hong Kong FPS, Payme are currently not accepted
  • BPROL is certified by international SSL, and will not retain any paid card information, please rest assured

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  • WeChat payment has not been opened
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  • UnionPay has not been opened
  • Before making an appointment
    1. selectHigh-end consultingorVIP consultation
    2. Fill in the form at the time of booking
      • Are you usingWeChatOrWhatsApp
      • The question you want to consult
    3. payment completed
    4. Consultation time: Generally from Monday to Friday, 3 to 6 pm Beijing time
  • Before the consultation
    1. Will notify you with WeChat or WhatsApp 5 minutes in advance; if you have special requirements, pleaseContact us first
    2. You can cancel at any time six hours before the consultation
    3. Ready for your question
    4. In some cases, we accept other consultation methods, such as email
  • Start of consultation
    1. High-end consultation is 20 minutes, which can be extended to 30 minutes at most;
    2. VIP consultation is 30 minutes and can be extended up to 40 minutes;
  • End of consultation
    • Give feedback, VIP consultation can be arranged for the next consultation for free
  • You can consult most of the questions. It is recommended that you watch Bih’s video, Dominica passport immigration, and visa-free countries before conducting high-end consultations to ensure that you avoid unnecessary consultations. You can consult The content of the inquiry contains
    • Consultation on application documents
    • Consultation on legal experience
    • Consultation on tax experience
    • Individual application, consultation with multiple applicants
    • Application Process Consultation
  • Consultation for immigrants from Taiwan and Hong Kong
    • I suggest you goWatch this video, Make sure you don’t have the answer
    • Taiwan immigrants recommend appointments for VIP consultations. We found that in most cases, high-end consultations may not be able to answer customers’ questions about Taiwan immigration, so your appointment may be automatically canceled by the system
  • High-end consultingGBP 59 (about US$72, RMB 510, HKD 570), 20 minutes each time, can be extended to 30 minutes
  • VIP Consulting120 pounds (about 147 US dollars, 1,046 yuan, 1,160 Hong Kong dollars), 30 minutes each time, can be extended to 40 minutes

Any appointment consultation can be cancelled 6 hours ago

anyLiu XiaoqianNo fee for cancelled appointment consultation

anyLiu XiaoqianNo penalty for cancelled appointment consultation

You can6 hoursCancel the appointment before, andReschedule

VIP consultation, customers can request BPROL to provide the second consultation for free.

The pound is an international currency like the dollar

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Now you can enjoy complete ourLegal charge d'affaires, assistance in applying for immigration servicesConsultation is just the beginning. When the consultation is completed, you can use our one-step service to quickly and professionally help you handle the whole process. We will understand your needs during the consultation process, analyze your situation, and provide you with detailed and For safety advice, we understand that immigration is not an easy start for some people, but by consulting you can understand yourself more clearly and have more confidence to implement your ideas and complete your plan.

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